This feature will let you delete your Dirty Bomb account and Dirty Bomb account information.

After you click the "Forget me" button above, we will permanently delete your account information within 28 days.

Caution: You are about to delete your account and account information. This means that you will lose any progress made in the game and any purchases ever made via your Dirty Bomb account (be it with real money or in-game currency). If you want to play Dirty Bomb again in the future, you will need to create a new account.


This feature will let you download a copy of your Dirty Bomb account information. This will include your name, Steam ID, account creation date, and transaction history

By clicking the "Request my information" button above, a request will be sent to our systems. There will be a slight technical delay, following which you will be able to come back to the same URL to download your information. To protect your information , you can only use this functionality when you are signed in to both your Steam account and Dirty Bomb account.

Please note that, in some cases, the purposes for which we collect information does not require the identification of an individual. In those cases, WarChest holds data that may relate to you but is not in a position to allocate that data to you specifically or identify you from it. This kind of information is, therefore, not downloadable.